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Grand ERP - unique IT solutions for You and Your business. Our team's goal – to create modern solutions that allows to create more efficient business, to create such solutions that saves not only time but money as well.



What we do?

We create unique software solutions for specific branches of business. All of our solutions can be adapted to Your individual needs:

  • sales management,
  • resources management,
  • transport accounting,
  • production management,
  • personnel management,
  • inconsistencies – complaints management,
  • and everything else, what can optimize Your everyday tasks and save Your money.

Who's our clients?

All organizations that want to optimize their performance:

  • save,
  • improve service,
  • speed up processes,
  • reduce problems,
  • to control and track situation in real-time

How we work?

We use cutting-edge technological solutions and contemporary tools. We adapt all of our solutions to most of the modern devices ( ). We devote a lot of time to collect the needs of our client, to analize and process them in order to clearly understand the particularity of our clients business.

Why we do this?

  • Because we like to solve the problems
  • Because we enjoy creating something new and useful
  • Because we like to create, not to destroy
  • Because creativity runs the world







GrandERP successfully participated in 23’rd International Specialised Exhibition on Engineering Industry!


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Our services

Our people are happy to be able to use their 'know-how' knowledge and experience in Your daily business.


In modern business every company must make important decisions before their business digitalization.
We are happy to share the experience we have to tell You how to carry it out unpainfully and how to achieve the best results.

Analysis / Design / Programming

Before creating any solution we cannot imagine how we could do it without ‘deep’ analysis of Your needs. We design not only user interface, but also the structure and movement of data.

Installation / Training / Support

No matter how good the software would be, it wouldn’t be beneficial without users who knows how to use it.
So training is obviously offered as well as help on administrating our sollution later on.

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We think that our works speak for themselves.

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Solution for manufacturing companies

1. Control of sales processes

  • Clients can register orders;
  • Simple pricing tree editing;
  • Registration of orders, creation and calculation of commercial proposals.
  • Fast document generation, preparation for printing

2. Management of logistics/production processes

  • Monitoring of workshops load
  • Calculation of estimated date of production
  • Assignment of operations for employees or workshops
  • Warehouse remnants accounting

3. Service delivery processes

  • Service tasks assignment for staff/staff teams;
  • Workers’ control, free / busy time tracking

Solution is easily integrated with other systems (for example - accounting systems, CRM and etc.)

Solution for staff management

1. Accelerated processes

  • Fully and simplified filled data of employees (when employing);
  • Generated time sheets;
  • Internal dissemination of information is being carried out (online “notice-board”, news feed);
  • Head of company is able to track and control the situation in real-time without being at the work place.

2.Reduced number of problems

  • Easier to match work schedules (for different places or large number of employees, for different working or paying modes);
  • More accurate time accounting;
  • Less chance of mistakes when preparing documents;
  • Less chance of mistakes when matching work schedules.

3. Improved

  • the quality of service, by organizing training for staff;
  • communication among company’s staff.

Solution for waste management

1. Simplified processes

  • Accelerated customer service (self-service of the clients, faster task planning and execution);
  • Reduced use of paper in the company  (most documents can be generated automatically, there is no need to print unnecessary documents);
  • Accelerated flow of information in the company (mobile brigades can fill up information distantly, and this information is accessible for administration right away);

2. The control of activities

  • Remote-controlled units and transport (‘live map’ allows to track what is happening at the moment);
  • Fast analysis of data (according to the data filled up by staff, reports are generated automatically);
  • Reduced wage costs (companies that have our systems installed reduce the need of human resources. It also reduces the need for data entry and increase the efficiency of waste collection).
  • Vehicle register, fuel card accounts, planning on the map

3. Financial benefit

  • Time of staff is being saved, the productivity of work is increased;
  • Video tracking prevents from embezzlement of company’s assets;
  • Transactions and processes are faster.

Solution for construction projects management

1. Continuous control

  • Control of situation in real time
  • Live remote monitoring of employees
  • Control of project progress from any platform (PC, Mac, tablet and etc.

2. Flexibility, convenience, planning

  • The control of large number of projects at the same time
  • Calender with company’s and leased machines occupancy
  • Planning of materials and resources, for example: application submission for the purchase of fuel or building material.
  • Integrated estimate calculation

3. Versatility and benefits

  • Program can be accessed by different people, for example: supervisor can access a special version of program from a tablet;
  • Construction processes going faster – happier clients;
  • Planning of resources and availability calendar allows to reduce company’s costs;
  • Whole construction project and its progress is accessible for its executive from any place in the world.

Solution to depict company’s reports

1. Eyes on Your business

  • Numeric data can be imported from any database (excell, access, navision, axaptus, crm ir pns) to this software, and You will be able to see graphs, diagrams, curves and other visual expressions immediately;
  • Annual, monthly, daily reports;
  • Dozens of graphs and diagrams which can help to analyze Your data.

2. Convenience and flexibility

  • You will not have to wait until the end of month to get the report of motnh. Full sales, income, expenses, costs reports can be done anytime;
  • You can filter by periods to find out data change on specific day, month or year (for example: expenses and income on March-April, 2013). Also, You are able to compare and analize Your data on specific periods;
  • Friendly user interface.

3. Company's finiancial analysis report

  • Sales team’s reports. Discover the productivity of managers in relation to time and sales;
  • Plan of transport. Discover hot-spots in automatically generated map, also, find out your most successful/unsuccessful points of sale;
  • Discover most successful/unsuccessful months of company;
  • Analysis of income, expenses, costs, budget and etc.

Solution for real-time situation tracking

1. Real-time control of situation

  • Live video and sound from vehicle using 3G connection;
  • Steady crew tracking (GPS tracking);
  • Distant control of vehicles nodes (pvz.: possibility to turn off vehicle’s engine).

2. Information gathering and storage

  • Records of sound and video (SD cards have space to save up to 800 hours of records, also there’s possibility to connect a SSD disk that allows to save larger amount of data);
  • Storage of data in relation to usage of transport (starting/turning off engine, speed, direction, data of different sensors);
  • Recorded video material is sent to the server and stored there.

3. Solution of further problems:

  • The poor quality of customer service;
  • Embezzlement of company’s assets;
  • Lack of driving culture;
  • Improper loading of cargo;
  • Irresponsible use of inventory and etc.

Solution for legal service management

1. Legal services process management:

  • Unlimited registration and execution of cases;
  • Control of cases planning and execution;
  • The employment planning;
  • All the necessary information of clients;
  • Accounting of the consultations on the phone.

2. Documents management

  • Quickly and easily generated documents from the templates (bill, statements, contracts);
  • Fast search and navigation between the documents;
  • Generation of case cover.

3. Time planning

  • Work schedule with added planned tasks;
  • Fast search of required client or case;
  • Case linking with instances;
  • Continuous task’s time accounting


Our clients and partners

  • TNC
  • TiksLangai/Aveplast
  • VeroCafe
  • SSM
  • Kinderevičius & Partneriai
  • Jakelio Žvakės
  • Dizrega
  • Autogrupė
  • Omnitel
  • Kauno prekybos, pramonės ir amatų rūmai
  • Vyčio komisarai
  • EcoVIP
  • Norseda
  • AuRi Vizija
  • Ecomodus
  • Procursus
  • Eulimex
  • Elpreka
  • Kame
  • Domus Lumina
  • Požeminės linijos
  • Proventus
  • Antrinio Perdirbimo Grupė
  • Akmenės Cementas


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